Pull Base Mounted Toggle Clamps

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Pull Toggle Clamps Base Mounted

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Pull Toggle Clamps Base Mounted are designed, manufactured and distributed by Sandfield Engineering, one of the UK’s longest serving Pull Toggle Clamp manufacturers.

Sandfield Engineering manufacture an extensive range of Pull Toggle Clamps, precision designed and manufactured for durability and long service in harsh industrial environments. 

Pull Toggle Clamps are available in a number of different styles subdivided into hook clamps and latch clamps.  Hook clamps are designed with a single hook and latch clamps are supplied with a U–Bolt.  The latch clamps are designed to work in the horizontal or vertical plane.

Latch plates are available for each model, some are supplied with the clamp and can also be supplied as a separate item if spares or replacements are required.

U Bolts are available in different lengths for the clamps, either supplied fitted to the clamp or as an additional item if the existing U-Bolt isn’t long enough in the clamp you have purchased.

Pull Toggle Clamps are also available with a secondary or safety lock if it is critical that your clamps remain locked.  Pull Toggle Clamps are available in stainless steel and mild steel.

The range of Pull Toggle Clamps products provided by Sandfield Engineering includes:

  • Hook Pull Clamps
  • Horizontal Latch Pull Clamps
  • Vertical Latch Pull Clamps
  • Latch Plates
  • U Bolts
  • Stainless Pull Clamps
  • Secondary/Safety Locking Pull Clamps

We work particularly hard to ensure that you have the very best chance of finding the clamp you need on this website. Please check out the huge range of clamps we hold in stock either by navigating from this page or using our unique Pull Clamp selector tool. 

If the clamp you need isn’t available from our wide selection we provide a custom clamp design service to ensure you get exactly the Pull Clamps you need.

Why would you need a Pull Toggle Clamp?

A Toggle Clamp is designed to hold a workpiece or component securely on a work surface. Toggle Clamps are typically permanently Weldable to the work surface using a mounting, either directly or using a Front. Toggle Clamps have a fast-action mechanism, allowing them to be engaged or released in one quick movement and a linkage system of pivot pins and levers to boost the applied force. Once engaged, the Toggle Clamp is essentially locked.

Toggle Clamps are often specified in repetitive manufacturing or production processes for their speed and ease of use.

Pull Toggle Clamps have many applications from holding two halves of a mould tool together, holding engines on a test bed, latching lids on sieves or holding motors on IBC mixing units.  They have even been seen on camera detection vehicles.

It never fails to amaze us the many innovative uses people find for our Pull Clamps.

Our Pull Clamps are available in stainless or mild steels and can be supplied with a secondary safety lock feature if required.

If there is a common theme it is the challenge of finding a solid, whilst flexible, holding position in a manufacturing process or application.

Our Toggle Clamp Guarantee

Sandfield Engineering pride ourselves on the durability of our  Toggle Clamps. The best example is one of our first projects, providing Toggle Clamps for the Mini Line at the Longbridge plant in the late 1950s where Sandfield Engineering provided 100’s of clamps for the production lines. When the plant was decommissioned in 2000, after three million cycles, it was found that more than 70% of the original Toggle Clamps provided by Sandfield Engineering were still in operation. 

It is this type of performance that informs our Toggle Clamps guarantee. If you allow us to help specify the right clamp for your application, we guarantee that the clamps will perform their function, for the duration of the project or we will replace or refund any clamp that fails.

How to select the right Pull Toggle Clamp for your application?

Sandfield Engineering has a range of 50 different Pull Toggle Clamps available in a number of different styles, mild steel and stainless, hook length and shapes, to meet your specific requirements on short delivery times. 

The benefit of this huge range being available for short delivery is that it is highly likely that the Pull Toggle Clamp that solves your holding problem is most likely already available to you. The challenge of holding this huge range is how we make them accessible to you.

We understand that this is the biggest obstacle to sourcing the right Pull Toggle Clamp for your process and we have come up with three solutions.

The first solution is our unique Toggle Clamp selector tool. If you know a number of the specific requirements for your Pull Toggle Clamp you can enter those into the selector to narrow down your search. For example, if you know the material required  and the style, for example you require a Stainless Steel Vertical Latch Clamp with >100mm U-Bolt, the selector will show only those clamps that match that criteria. You can check it out here, we think you will find it is the best Pull Clamp selector tool currently available.  

The second solution is this site. We have worked particularly hard to ensure that you have the very best chance of finding the Pull Clamp you need on this website by categorising our Pull Toggle Clamps by type, mounting, finish and application. If you know one of these requirements you can browse all of the Pull Toggle Clamps that we have available that fit that specification.  If you need to toggle between the various types of clamps you can use our Toggle Clamp mega menu.

The third option is to give our team a call on 0330 223 5344. No matter how impossible or unique your Pull Toggle Clamp challenge might appear to you now, with more than 50 years experience it is highly likely that our team has encountered something similar before and can quickly steer you in the right direction.

In the unlikely event that the Pull Toggle Clamp you require really isn’t available in stock Sandfield  Engineering provide a custom  Toggle Clamp design service to ensure you get exactly the Pull Clamp that you need. You can check that out here.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding our Pull Clamps please do not hesitate to call our office our NOW on 0330 223 5344 for immediate advice or email sales@sandfieldengineering.com.

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