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Power Clamps designed by engineers for engineers 

Power Clamps

Power Clamps designed, manufactured and distributed by Sandfield Engineering, one of the only UK based manufacturers of Power Clamps.

Sandfield Engineering manufactures an extensive range of Power Clamps, precision designed and manufactured for durability and long service in harsh industrial environments.

Check out the range of Power Clamps supplied by Sandfield Engineering, available in a selection of styles, materials and actions to suit your specific requirements. If the Power Clamp you need isn’t available from our wide selection we provide a Custom Power Clamp Design service to ensure you get exactly what you need.

The range of Power Clamps products and services provided by Sandfield Engineering includes:

If the power clamp you need isn’t available from our wide selection we provide a custom power clamp design service to ensure you get exactly the Power Clamp you need.

Why would you need a Power Clamp?

Power clamps are generally used in automated repetitive work holding applications such as assembling and manufacturing components in a variety of applications, particularly in the automotive industry.  Power Clamps are also used in areas where the clamps are inaccessible such as Aerospace applications, drainage and for protecting equipment in remote environments like deserts.

If there is a common theme it is the challenge of finding a solid, whilst flexible, automated holding position in a manufacturing process or application.

If you are managing automated manufacturing processes you may also be interested to check out Sandfield Engineerings’ automation products including Bowl Feeders, Linear Rails, Semi-Automated Workbenches and Toggle Presses.

How to select the right Power Clamp for your application?

Sandfield Engineering has a range Power Clamps available in a variety of styles and cylinder sizes to meet your specific requirements on short delivery times.

The benefit of this range being held in stock is that it is highly likely that the Power Clamp that solves your holding problem is most likely already available to you.

The challenge of holding this range is how we make them accessible to you.

We understand that this is the biggest obstacle to sourcing the right Power Clamp for your process.

We have worked particularly hard to ensure that you have the very best chance of finding the Power Clamp you need on this website by categorising our Power Clamps by type.  If you know one of these requirements you can browse all of the Power Clamps that we have available that fit that specification. If you need to toggle between the various types of clamps you can use our Power Clamp mega menu.

Alternatively please give our team a call on 0330 223 534. No matter how impossible or unique your Power Clamp challenge might appear to you now, with more than 50 years experience it is highly likely that our team have experienced something similar and can quickly steer you in the right direction.

In the unlikely event that the Power Clamp you require isn’t available Sandfield  Engineering provide a custom Power Clamp Design Service to ensure you get exactly the Power Clamp that you need. You can check that out here.

Speak to Sandfield Engineering about your Power Clamp Requirement

If you have any questions or require further information regarding our Power Clamps please do not hesitate to call our office NOW on 0330 223 534 for immediate advice or email sales@sandfieldengineering.com.


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Designed & made by engineers for engineers. Sandfield, the toggle, power and bespoke clamp experts.



Sandfield Engineering manufactures an extensive range of Robot Grippers to compliment our range of Power Clamps including Power Clamp Grippers, Parallel Grippers and Angular Grippers. Check out our range of Robot Grippers here.


Vibratory Bowl Feeders are the most effective way of ensuring the efficient, fast and accurate delivery of parts in your manufacturing process. Sandfield  supply new feeding systems as well as servicing, relining and retooling your existing bowls.


Linear Rail or Linear Guide systems ensure the precise movement and loading of equipment or parts vertically or horizontally. Our team is hugely experienced in specifying Linear Rail solutions to ensure delivery of exactly the Linear Rail that you need.


Check out the range of Toggle Presses available in a selection of styles, pressures,  throat depths and ram shapes to suit your specific toggle pressing requirements.



Our close working relationships with hundreds of Manufacturing Engineers & Managers and the problem-solving nature of our clamps and holding solutions means that we are often called upon when other challenges arise in production processes.


Sandfield Engineering has always taken a consultative approach to the provision of clamps and a large proportion of the clamps that make up our range have been custom-designed in partnership with our customers to meet a unique clamping or holding challenge. 


No matter how impossible or unique your current component or part sourcing challenge might appear, with more than sixty years experience it is highly likely that our team have encountered something similar and can quickly steer you towards a solution.



What sets our water pollution prevention offering apart from our commpetitors is our willingness and capability to get to the route of your water pollution challenges and provide affordable, non-disruptive, compliant, fail-safe solutions.


Spill mapping

The Spill Mapping service provide by Sandfield Engineering empowers our customers to evidence their water pollution  risk and mitigate that risk precisely. This approach typically saves our customers as much as 50% when compared to more traditional proposals.

Containment Devices

Sandfield Engineering are the proud innovators and producers of the most effective water pollution containment devices. Our smart valves are independently powered, can be triggered automatically and provide you with all of the reporting you need to be compliant.



What is a Linear Rail?

What is a Linear Rail?

What is a Linear Rail? If you manufacture, pack and distribute things, if you need to move things through your manufacturing process with great precision and as little friction as possible the very best way to do that is using Linear Rails....

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