Quick Release Sleeper Retention

Manvers Engineering approached Sandfield because they required a quick release clamp to hold sleepers in position on the inside of a tunnel lining.

They had been using bolts that had protruded into the tunnel, the bolts were constantly being knocked as people walked through the tunnel, and Manvers were losing time in readjusting the bolts and reliability as the bolts were not being tightened sufficiently.

Manvers asked Sandfield to design a quick release clamping mechanism that could be fitted to the existing fabrication with as little rework as possible would not protrude beyond the fabrication.

Sandfield prepared and presented a series a proposals based around our HC17 medium duty hook clamps. The clamp was designed with an extra length hook and an eighty degree bend so that it would simply clamp into a cut away in the steel fabrication with minimal alteration .

These clamps have now been implemented in X number of tunnels with the result that time is no longer being lost and reliability is dramatically increased.

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