Precision Location Positioning

Volvo, in the body assembly area, required that the car body would be clamped to a pallet through 6 locations holes as it passed down the production line. The holes were only 16mm in diameter and the profile of the body panels were such that a standard pull down clamp would not fit.

Sandfield were approached to design a specially engineered clamping unit for Volvo. The primary considerations were to provide a unit that would fit into the space available, be sufficiently strong and durable with a pin diameter of only 16mm, be maintainable in a highly contaminated environment and also have a manual release in case of pneumatic failure.

Using the panel profile as a guide the unit was designed around the available area and a particular tool steel which could be hardened to 63 Rockwell was selected to provide the required toughness and durability of the application. The unit was designed to operate with dry lubrication and clearance slots so that the units could be blown clean in situ. A through rod cylinder was fitted so that the clamp could be disengaged from below without air and each unit colour coded to designate each different position .

From the initial approach Sandfield designed and provided drawings for the unit in 2 weeks, built a prototype in 4 weeks and production clamps within 6 weeks.

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