Custom Made Clamps and Engineering Solutions

Bespoke Clamps

Custom Made Clamps and Engineering Solutions

If you have spent any time looking for clamps you will know already that there a hundreds of different types to do hundreds of different jobs.  If you are struggling to find something that is perfect for your application it might be that you need some help identifying the clamp that will suit you best.

It might be that the clamp you need doesn't exist. Sandfield Engineering has more than 50 years experience working with engineers and production teams to specify, design and produce custom made clamps to meet all manner of requirements. This needn't be as expensive or time consuming as you may imagine with custom made clamps often produced by adapting existing clamps or amalgamating aspects of other clamps to produce the solution you need.

If you are struggling to find the clamp you need today call us on 01299 823158, our team will seek to understand the engineering challenge and your unique requirement. Using this information we will help you specify or design the solution most appropriate to your outcomes.

Clamp Specification and Design

Sometimes a standard clamp just won’t fit, and rather than make do we offer you the opportunity to have a clamp custom designed for your precise specification.  Our team will inspect your drawings to understand your engineering challenge and design a clamp that completely meets your needs. We can also build and test the clamp, as required.

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