Power Clamps

Power Clamps

Sandfield Engineering Manufactures an extensive range of power clamps, precision engineered for long life in a harsh industrial environment

The clamps are extremely robust and hard wearing designed for the rigours of mass production and have been tried and tested over 25 years in production.

The range includes : a variety of pneumatic power clamps, both fully automatic and manually applied.  The clamps are available as both over centre locking clamps or wedge action for clamping variable component thicknesses : locator units manual and automatic for retracting location pins, light weight gripper clamps for mounting on actuators, pull down clamp for clamping through location holes or slots, lighter duty toggle clamps actuated by pneumatic cylinders and swing clamps.

"We used Sandfield enclosed pneumatic clamps throughout the cells. Down time has been dramatically reduced since the clamps have been introduced."

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