Driving accuracy, productivity and profitability through automation


Sandfield Engineering manufactures an extensive range of Robot Grippers to compliment our range of Power Clamps including Power Clamp Grippers, Parallel Grippers and Angular Grippers. Check out our range of Robot Grippers here.


Vibratory Bowl Feeders are the most effective way of ensuring the efficient, fast and accurate delivery of parts in your manufacturing process. Sandfield supply new feeding systems as well as servicing, relining and retooling your existing bowls.


Linear Rail or Linear Guide systems ensure the precise movement and loading of equipment or parts vertically or horizontally. Our team is hugely experienced in specifying Linear Rail solutions to ensure delivery of exactly the Linear Rail that you need.

Toggle Presses

Check out the range of Toggle Presses available in a selection of styles, pressures, throat depths and ram shapes to suit your specific toggle pressing requirements.

Driving accuracy, safety and productivity with our range of industrial automation products and equipment.

Industrial Automation Products designed, manufactured and distributed by Sandfield Engineering, one of the UK’s longest-serving Industrial Automation Product manufacturers.

Sandfield Engineering manufactures an extensive range of Industrial Automation Products, precision designed and manufactured for durability and long service in harsh industrial environments.

With the continuous drive for increased efficiency, accuracy, safety and productivity our customers are always looking for ways to implement more automation in their manufacturing production processes.

The range of Industrial Automation Product products and services provided by Sandfield Engineering includes:

Why would you need Industrial Automation Products?

Automation is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance and is usually implemented in manufacturing proccesses to increase speed, accuracy and profitability.

It never fails to amaze us the many innovative uses people find for our Industrial Automation Products.

Our Industrial Automation Products are serving customers in a host of environments and applications including automotive plants, food manufacture, trailer assembly, engine testing, and munitions production. The common theme is addressing the challenge of improving the reliability and efficiency of manufacturing processes.

How to identify and implement the right Industrial Automation Product for your application?

If you are looking to implement automation for the first time there is a process to identifying and implementing the right automation products for your manufacturing process.

Implementing an industrial automation product without fully understanding and documenting the manual process is almost always counter-productive as automating an inefficient process only serves to amplify the inefficiencies in that process. This often leads to the automated process magnifying reliability failings and increasing running costs. Automated processes can fail for a host of reasons ranging from the reliability of components to the ….. but the most common reason for automated manufacturing processes failing is due to a lack of understanding of the manual process from the outset.

At Sandfield Engineering we work with our customers to ensure that the manual process is as efficient as possible before identifying opportunities to automate that process. This early investment in understanding and optimising the manual process dramatically reduces the time to implementation and improves the success rate of automated manufacturing initiatives.

Sandfield Engineering provide automation products from stock if you are already managing an automated process and looking to replace specific automated products.

An evolutionary approach to implementing Industrial Automation Products in your manufacturing process.

The manufacturing automation products provided by Sandfield Engineering have been developed and sourced so that you can realise automation in your processes in a modular fashion. If, for example, you are looking to increase the efficiency and reliability of moving your products through your manufacturing process you might look to implement our Linear Rail Products into your manual process. Similarly, if you are looking to deliver components like screws or nails more quickly and accurately into your manufacturing process you might look to introduce our Vibratory Bowl Feeders. Our experience of implementing automation into our customers’ production lines is that most often an evolutionary approach to automation has a far greater success rate than a revolutionary approach.

Speak to Sandfield Engineering about your Industrial Automation Product requirements.

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