Delivering high quality engineering products and services since 1965 

Delivering high quality engineering products and services since 1965 

Formally incorporated in 1965 Sandfield Engineering Company have actually been delivering high quality engineering products and services for more than sixty years.

In that time we have worked with some of the worlds most renowned manufacturers including Jaguar Landrover, Volvo, JCB, Ford, Aston Martin, Kellogs and household names in retail and distribution including Marks & Spencers, Tescos, DHL, and DPD.

Our unique experience of working at the heart of these international brands has led to the evolution of products and services that are delivering increased safety, efficiency, quality, productivity and profitability for hundreds of business in the UK and internationally.

For more than sixty years Sandfield Engineering Company have been designing and manufacturing engineering solutions that keep production lines running smoothly, accurately holding panels and components in body and chassis assembly, providing custom engineered solutions, preventing water pollution and driving increased efficiency through automation. Sandfield Engineering has been involved in building everything from fighter planes to husky sleds.

Sandfield Engineering Company  

Based in the UK, Sandfield Engineering Company are incredibly proud of our British heritage and the role we have played in the history of British manufacturing through our involvement in iconic projects like the Mini and the construction of the North Sea Pipeline.

Sandfield Engineering manufacture using the highest quality materials and to precise engineering standards, all of our products pass through our strict quality assurance processes before being delivered to customers.

Sandfield Engineering has representation in North America, Asia and mainland Europe to ensure that we are able to deliver the cost and time efficiency benefits of local supply and support to our international customers.

The range of engineering products and services provided by Sandfield Engineering includes:

Helping you deliver on your promises by providing engineering clamps and holding solutions that you can rely on.

At Sandfield Engineering we are passionate about engineering clamps and holding solutions.  Our range of Toggle Clamps, Toggle Latches, Pneumatic Clamps, and our Custom Clamp Design service form a small but crucial part of our customers’ projects, processes and products.

The reliability and longevity of our Toggle Clamps & Power Clamps serve to ensure that you deliver on your promises and schedules regardless of your industry sector or environment. With this in mind we offer a unique clamps guarantee. If you allow us to help specify the right clamps for your purpose, we guarantee that those clamps will perform their function for the duration of the project, or we will replace or refund every clamp that fails. 

Sandfield Engineering are on of the UK’s leading Toggle Clamp manufacturers with a range of more than 700 Toggle Clamps held in stock and available on short lead times.

The range of Toggle Clamps provided by Sandfield Engineering includes:

Sandfield Engineering are also the UK’s only Power Clamp manufacturer with a range of products and services including:

You can browse our range of clamps, accessories and services further here.

“We used Sandfield enclosed clamps throughout the cells. Downtime has been dramatically reduced since the clamps have been introduced.”

Morris Brookes

Toolroom Manager, Jaguar Cars

Resolving your unique manufacturing challenges with our engineering services.

Our close working relationships with hundreds of Manufacturing Engineers & Managers and the problem-solving nature of our clamps and holding solutions means that we are often called upon when other challenges arise in production processes.

We have supported our customers by providing solutions to a host of manufacturing challenges including self-closing battery boxes, hologram holding systems, safe gas cylinder retaining systems, battery cell production and the development of automated valves for spill containment and water pollution prevention. 

No matter how impossible or unique your current manufacturing challenge might appear, with more than sixty years experience it is highly likely that our team have encountered something similar and can quickly steer you towards a custom engineered solution.

You can learn more about our custom engineering services here.


“Their engineering knowledge has been invaluable during the development of our products. More importantly, Sandfield supports us by adapting to the many challenging requests we give them and the tight delivery schedules we ask of them.”

Ade Home

Branch Manager, Aut-Tech Group


Driving down costs and increasing the reliability of supply through our component and part sourcing service. 

Driving accuracy, safety and productivity with our range of automation products and equipment.

With the continuous drive for increased efficiency, accuracy, safety and productivity our customers are always looking for ways to implement more automation in their production processes. 

Our Automation products include Linear Rails, Bowl Feeders, Toggle Presses and Grippers which are used to automate manufacturing processes.

Sandfield Engineering supplies an extensive range of automation products, precision designed and manufactured for durability and long service in harsh industrial environments.

You can browse our range of automated manufacturing products here.     

Safeguarding your business against the risk of polluting the environment.

Following a number of headline-grabbing industrial disasters, most notably the Buncefield fire of 2008, the regulations have tightened around water pollution prevention significantly and the Environment Agency areworking hard to enforce them.

With the Fire Brigade reporting an average of three hundred industrial fires each year, and a similar number of industrial spills, water pollution presents a significant threat to manufacturing businesses.

David Cole, Technical Director of Sandfield Penstock Solutions, was engaged by the Environment Agency to support the production and presentation of the latest guidelines and is the inventor of automated pollution containment devices manufactured by Sandfield Engineering. 

You can learn more about how Sandfield Engineering Company could be supporting you to mitigate the risk of water pollution here.


“Good to see technology helping assess site/topography risks, I’m sure this helps make stronger cases for preventative measures.”

Mark Chandler

Senior Team Leader, The Environment Agency


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